Aransas County is located on the Gulf of Mexico and offers the relaxed, laid back quality of life of a coastal community. Local business includes environmentally friendly industries of seafood, oil production, tourism, sport hunting and fishing, boating and water sports, fine art and sculptures, and bird watching. The population is three-fold from local residents, summer vacationers and winter residents. The largest and fastest growing population is retirees relocating to the area; many of whom volunteer their time to over one hundred clubs and organizations in Aransas County. Available housing ranges from modest to ultra luxurious residences. Local governments are strong and creative, merging tax dollars on selected projects to reduce costs, merging services and bringing relief to taxpayers. Sport hunting and fishing exists hand-in-hand with fine art, while bird watching unfolds on nature's coastal stage. While the second smallest county in the state, Aransas County has one of the fastest growing populations in Texas.


The Center for Sportfish Science and Conservation is a center at the Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies where Dr. Greg Stunz is also the Endowed Chair for Fisheries and Ocean Health...


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